House Republicans Renew Attacks on Social Security

House Republicans Renew Attacks on Social Security

The Republican Study Committee, which represents nearly 80 percent of House Republicans, has released their 2024 budget proposal. Not only does it renege on the Bipartisan Budget Agreement negotiated by their own Speaker and signed into law, it tries to renege on our sacred promise to American workers and seniors by renewing Republican attacks on Social Security and Medicare. This radical, reckless right-wing agenda would force Americans to work longer for less, end Medicare as we know it, and inflict dramatic spending cuts that will hurt the health, safety, and economic well-being of American families – all while wasting billions of dollars on more favors to special interests and handouts to the ultra-wealthy.



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"This budget stands in stark contrast to the positive, hopeful vision put forward by President Biden and supported by House Democrats: a government that works for working families, an economy where the ultra-rich pay their fair share, and a country where everyone has the freedom to retire with dignity." - Ranking Member Brendan F. Boyle

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