Reports & Documents

04.26.23 Default On America Act is a Ruinous Ransom Note, Not a Real Solution Report
03.24.23 President Biden’s Budget Protects Medicare, Medicaid and Continues to Lower Health Care Costs for American Families Report
03.22.23 Democrats Lower Costs, Extreme MAGA Republicans Raise Prices Fact Sheet
03.22.23 Democrats Invest in America, Extreme MAGA Republicans Slash Jobs Fact Sheet
03.22.23 Democrats Prioritize Tax Fairness, Extreme MAGA Republicans Scheme to Make the Rich Richer Fact Sheet
03.22.23 Democrats Make Our Communities Safer, Extreme MAGA Republicans Endanger our Communities Fact Sheet
03.22.23 Democratic Policies Put People Over Politics, Extreme MAGA Republicans Prioritize Political Stunts Over Problem Solving Fact Sheet
03.17.23 CBO Analysis Debunks Republican “Balanced Budget” Claims, Exposes Plot to Eviscerate Vital Programs Report
03.17.23 Domestic Investments Fuel American Prosperity — Why Are They Under Attack? Report
03.13.23 From Lagging to Record-Breaking: How Democratic Policies Changed the Trajectory of Our Recovery and Secured Our Economic Outlook Report
03.09.23 Biden Budget Builds a Better, Brighter Future for All Americans Report
12.23.22 House Budget Committee 2022 Year-End Report Report
08.11.22 A Win for the People and our Planet: How the Inflation Reduction Act Lowers Costs and Acts on Climate Report
07.28.22 Budgeting and the Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990: An Explainer Report
07.28.22 Helping Children Thrive Helps Everyone: Investments in Early Childhood Pay Off Over Time Report