Boyle: 100 days into Speaker McCarthy’s tenure, House Republicans are rudderless and continue to hold our economy hostage

Apr 17, 2023

WASHINGTON, DCToday, Pennsylvania Congressman Brendan F. Boyle, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, released a statement following House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's latest escalation in debt ceiling brinksmanship at the New York Stock Exchange:


“100 days into Speaker McCarthy's tenure and House Republicans are rudderless and continue to hold our economy hostage — American families, businesses, and global markets are right to be concerned. Three months after Speaker John Boehner traveled to New York City in 2011 and dismissed warnings about 'playing games' with the debt ceiling, House Republicans instigated the first-ever downgrade in America's credit rating, spiking costs for working families and bringing the United States to the brink of a devastating recession. Almost 12 years later, Speaker McCarthy and extreme MAGA Republicans are dragging our nation down the same treacherous path.


“The reality is House Republicans are in chaos and that's why today's speech was nothing more than a recitation of the same bad ideas and devastating cuts Republicans have been pushing — and Americans have been rejecting — for decades. The Speaker's blatant attempt to dodge responsibility and shift blame only underscores that the greatest threat to our nation's economy, the well-being of American families, and our record-breaking recovery is Speaker McCarthy and his MAGA allies. There never has been and never will be anything fiscally responsible about refusing to pay America's bills, risking millions of jobs, or threatening economic ruin.


“Republicans have apparently learned nothing from their past failures, so I'll make it clear: the best thing they can do for the American people is to let the hostage go, stop the chaos, and end this reckless brinksmanship with a vote for a clean raise of the debt ceiling.”