Boyle: Freedom Caucus Demands “More Like a Ransom Note,” “Extreme on Steroids”

Mar 10, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Pennsylvania Congressman Brendan F. Boyle, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, appeared on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports where he highlighted President Biden's historic budget to build the economy from the bottom up and middle out while extreme MAGA Republicans demand unworkable cuts and reckless policies as they hold our economy hostage:



MITCHELL: Joining me now is Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman Brendan Boyle, Budget Committee Ranking Member, who was with the President in Philadelphia yesterday at the unveiling of a budget which is really pretty much a campaign manifesto. 


BOYLE: Great to be with you. And it was especially great to be with the President yesterday in my district where he officially unveiled his budget proposal for this year. Those are the priorities that we're going to be fighting for and I love the contrast, frankly, of everything the President talked about yesterday versus what the House Freedom Caucus just released today, which is extreme on steroids. That's the document that's dead on arrival. 


MITCHELL: When you're talking about the Freedom Caucus, you're talking about big spending cuts — not on defense, increases on defense — but big spending cuts on domestic spending?


BOYLE: Massive spending cuts. I mean, their list of demands reads more like a ransom note than a serious budget proposal.


Moody's Analytics came out with a very important report recently that analyzed what's been out there. Of course, as you pointed out, the Republicans still don't have their own official budget, but based on what they've already put out there, Moody's analyzed it and said it would cause the economy to go into a recession. It would cause job losses numbering 2.6 million, and you would see an unemployment rate — that right now is at a 50-year low — spike above 6 percent. We House Democrats, and certainly our Democratic colleagues in the Senate, are just not going to let that to happen.