Budget Democrats Release Report Examining Impact of Republicans’ MAGA Budget

Sep 19, 2023
The FY 2024 budget unveiled by House Republicans pretends to balance by relying on apocalyptic cuts and budget gimmicks

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Democratic Staff of the House Budget Committee released a report detailing how House Republicans' FY 2024 budget resolution eviscerates the investments Americans count on while also failing to achieve its goal of balancing the budget.


The report examines Republicans' misleading claims on how their plan balances the budget over the next decade, including their use of astonishing predictions of economic growth, tax receipts, and future spending levels. Even with more than $10 trillion in cuts to non-defense and entitlement spending – including programs like Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, and infrastructure spending – and head-scratching assumptions such as $3 trillion in savings from “macroeconomic feedback,” this so-called “balanced” budget is anything but. This MAGA budget makes higher education less attainable, lets families go hungry, and increases health care costs, all while asking even less of the wealthy and well-connected.


House Republicans had an FY 2024 budget: the one they negotiated with President Biden in the bipartisan budget agreement. Make no mistake: Republicans' abandonment of their own bipartisan deal in favor of this nightmarish far-right budget is driving the federal government towards a shutdown on September 30th.


The text of the report, Spoiling For Shutdown: Republicans Restart Budget Calendar, is available here and a PDF can be found here.


The full committee will hold a markup of the FY 2024 budget resolution tomorrow, Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 at 10:00 AM. The markup will be livestreamed here.