Chairman Yarmuth: Executive actions endanger American lives & our democracy

Aug 10, 2020

Washington, D.C.— Today, Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, issued a statement after President Trump issued an executive order and three presidential memoranda instead of working with Democrats to pass meaningful coronavirus relief legislation through the proper channels:

“The President’s unworkable executive actions show that he is more interested in scoring headlines than actually helping the American people,” said Chairman Yarmuth. “Even if these measures could be implemented, they would slash vital aid for working families, endanger Social Security and Medicare, and do nothing to help get the virus under control. Their shortcomings exemplify why coronavirus relief must come from Congress because we are the only branch with the power to provide real support.

“There is no question that more relief is needed – that’s why the House passed the Heroes Act three months ago. But incompetence and executive overreach have become synonymous with the Trump Administration and this time President Trump is not only threatening our democracy, he is jeopardizing American lives and livelihoods. Congress must continue to hold this Administration to account while working to pass bipartisan coronavirus relief legislation that fully responds to the crises facing American families.”

The House Budget Committee is committed to protecting Congress’ power of the purse and ensuring tax dollars are spent properly and in accordance with the law. Chairman Yarmuth has introduced legislation to help Congress reclaim its constitutional spending authority and safeguard our nation’s separation of powers. The Congressional Power of the Purse Act includes necessary reforms to restore Congress’ central role in funding decisions, increase transparency in the Executive branch to rein in overreach, and add teeth to budget law to deter lawbreaking.  This latest action by the President underscores why these reforms are necessary.

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