Chairman Yarmuth Introduces 2021 Budget Resolution, Committee Releases Report on ‘Alternative Path for the American Recue Plan’

Feb 1, 2021

Washington, D.C.— Today, Kentucky Representative John Yarmuth, Chair of the House Budget Committee, introduced H. Con. Res. 11, the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2021, to provide Congress with the option of using a reconciliation measure to provide critical COVID relief to the American people and address the twin health and economic crises facing the United States.

The House Budget Committee released a report outlining the resolution’s budget reconciliation framework, which sets a budgetary target of up to $1.9 trillion – the estimated cost of the American Rescue Plan – allocated across the 12 House committees that have jurisdiction over some portion of the plan. The resolution instructs these committees to report legislation consistent with these budgetary targets to the Budget Committee by February 16.

The future of American families and our nation’s economy hinges on Congress delivering the aggressive relief and vital lifelines laid out in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan,” said Chairman Yarmuth. “We are in the depths of the pandemic, and until we defeat this virus our economy cannot recover. Bold action is needed now, and while reconciliation does not preclude a bipartisan package, it does ensure Congress can meet the needs of the American people whether Republicans want to help or not. We will act expeditiously, using whatever parliamentary procedures necessary, to save lives and our economy.”

Text of the report is below and a link to the PDF can be found here.