Chairman Yarmuth on The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2023

Mar 28, 2022

“President Biden’s budget represents an excellent approach to the important investments we need to make for the American people and for our nation’s long-term fiscal health.”
– House Budget Chairman John Yarmuth

Washington, D.C.— Today, Kentucky Representative John Yarmuth, Chair of the House Budget Committee, issued a statement following the release of President Biden’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2023:

“President Biden has proposed a responsible and compassionate budget that will build a better, stronger, more secure, and more inclusive nation for decades to come - all while lowering costs for American families, creating a fairer tax code, and improving our nation’s long-term economic outlook.                                                                                                                  

“The overall discretionary topline of nearly $1.6 trillion will build on enacted 2022 appropriations so we can continue to make needed investments in education, child care, affordable housing, research and development, and more. And, in recognition that America is strongest when we all pay our fair share, the budget proposes long-overdue changes to our tax code to close loopholes and ensure corporations and the very wealthiest individuals pay the taxes they owe.

“I look forward to discussing the critical importance of these proposals with OMB Director Young when she appears before the House Budget Committee tomorrow, and hearing from other Administration officials in the coming weeks.”

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