ICYMI: New Reports Debunk GOP Budget Math, Expose Plot to Eviscerate Vital Programs

Mar 20, 2023
House Budget Democrats release two reports underscoring CBO analysis and importance of non-defense discretionary investments

WASHINGTON, DC — In case you missed it, on Friday, the Democratic Staff of the House Budget Committee released two new reports in tandem that expose the damaging consequences of House Republicans’ budgetary fictions and highlight their extreme and dangerous plot to eviscerate vital and popular programs.


“House Republicans’ budgetary fictions have been repeatedly and thoroughly debunked, and it’s abundantly clear that the draconian cuts Republicans are pushing for would be felt across our entire government, with the costs borne by every American family,” said Congressman Brendan Boyle, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee. “Americans deserve to know exactly who Speaker McCarthy and his MAGA allies are willing to put on the chopping block in order to provide more tax giveaways for billionaires and big corporations.”


The first report provides an overview of federal spending and outlines how Republicans’ crusade against non-defense discretionary investments endangers Americans’ safety and well-being.


The second report expands on a recent analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) examining how much federal spending House Republicans would need to slash in order to achieve their stated goal of balancing the budget in 10 years while extending the Trump tax scam and rejecting new revenues. CBO’s findings confirm that it is impossible for House Republicans to produce a budget to match their rhetoric. To preserve Social Security, Medicare, defense spending, and mandatory veterans programs, Republicans will have to eliminate every other investment, service, and program — and they would still come up $20 billion short of balancing the budget by 2033.


The report calls on House Republicans to bring their budget out of the shadows and reveal their extreme and deeply unpopular agenda to the American people: “It's time Congressional Republicans stopped hiding their extreme schemes from the American people and revealed the full details of their plot to raise taxes on working families, starve lifeline programs and services, and hand lavish tax breaks to the wealthy and well-connected. Until they do, everything  and everyone  is on House Republicans’ chopping block.”


A PDF of the first report, Domestic Investments Fuel American Prosperity — Why Are They Under Attack? can be found HERE.


A PDF of the second report, CBO Analysis Debunks Republicans’ “Balanced Budget” Claims, Exposes Plot to Eviscerate Vital Programs can be found HERE.