NEW REPORT: President Biden’s Budget Fulfills Our Sacred Obligation to Care for Our Veterans and Their Families

Apr 25, 2022

Washington, D.C. – Today the House Budget Committee released a new report outlining how President Biden’s 2023 Budget makes historic investments to care for veterans and their families. The budget requests a 19 percent increase above the 2022 Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) budget request and includes a wide array of initiatives to improve veterans’ health and well-being.

The report outlines how the President’s budget prioritizes significant investments to prevent veteran suicide and provide mental health care for veterans, end veteran homelessness, expand women veterans’ health services to meet the needs of the growing number of women veterans, provide care for veterans impacted by environmental exposures during their service, expand caregiver support for veterans, and implement other vital initiatives.

Overall, the President’s budget provides a $21 billion increase in funding for VA medical care — a 21% increase above 2022 requested funding levels. In accordance with President Biden’s Unity Agenda, the budget also makes targeted investments to combat veterans’ opioid use disorder and improve cancer research and care for veterans.

“Congress has a constitutional and moral responsibility to ensure that our servicemembers are supported on and off the battlefield,” said Chairman Yarmuth. “The President’s budget upholds this sacred promise to our veterans and their families by making sizable investments in the VA, including resources to improve mental health, support women veterans, and increase care for those who were exposed to toxic substances while serving our nation. These investments take us one enormous step closer to providing the timely, world-class care our veterans have earned and so greatly deserve.

Text of the full report can be found here, and a PDF of report can be found here.

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