Remarks: Yarmuth Introduces 2018 Democratic Budget on House Floor

Oct 5, 2017

Washington, D.C. — Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, delivered the following remarks as he introduced the Democratic Budget “Investing in America’s Future” on the House floor. Remarks as prepared are below:

Thank you Mr. Chairman, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

Mr. Chair, Democrats and Republicans are looking at the same challenges facing our country and American families. Education, healthcare, and housing costs have all increased while wages stay stagnant.

It used to be that the two parties would debate different strategies to address the problems facing the American people. Sadly, those times are behind us.

In giving millionaires, including the majority of this Congress, the president, and wealthy donors a giant tax cut, the Republican budget does not even pretend to address the problems facing the American people. Not only does it ignore working families, it increases their challenges.

The Democratic budget alternative, in stark contrast to the Republican budget, begins to address the real challenges our country faces now and in the long term.

We are less than a decade removed from the worst economic crisis in most of our lifetimes, and we have a chance to rebound in a way that builds a foundation for our country to thrive for generations. But we have to seize that opportunity.

Rather than giving resources to people and businesses that already have them, we’re calling for targeted investments in programs that grow our economy, create good paying jobs, and provide real support for working families and real security in retirement.

Rather than sending thank you notes to the corporations that bankroll campaigns, we have an opportunity to make vital public investments that lead to a brighter future — rebuilding roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure, all of which leads to good jobs now and in the long-run.

Rather than giving the president a multi-million dollar refund on taxes he refuses to disclose, we can invest in retirement security for seniors who didn’t inherit millions. We can invest in affordable education so young people do not have to grow up wealthy to have a shot at earning it in their future careers.

Instead of taking healthcare away from people, straining emergency rooms and making America sicker, we have an opportunity to continue investing in affordable, quality health care for all of us, finally eliminating a great burden on American families — a burden that no other developed nation shares.

This budget is an opportunity for our country to invest in our future, and if we adopt the Republican budget plan, we will have squandered it.

Democrats believe in a government that prioritizes American families, and they should be the priorities of this Congress. I, therefore, urge my colleagues to oppose the Republican budget and support the Democratic alternative. I reserve the balance of my time.