Democrats Invest in America, Extreme MAGA Republicans Slash Jobs

Mar 22, 2023

President Biden, Congressional Democrats Invest in America, Grow Our Economy

  • Build on our nation’s historic job growth under President Biden — more than 12 million new jobs in two years — with job-creating investments in manufacturing, clean energy, and infrastructure.

  • Invest in American manufacturing, providing $375 million for the National Institutes of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Industrial Technology Services, an increase of 77 percent over FY23 appropriations, and $277 million for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, an increase of 58 percent over FY23 appropriations.
  • Make historic investments in American science and research, with $210 billion for federal research and development and $18 billion for projects authorized by the CHIPS and Science Act. These investments include cutting-edge research at the national laboratories and universities, and the largest investment in fusion energy in history.
  • Expand workforce training that provides pathways to high-paying jobs by investing in evidence-based training models to ensure all workers have the skills they need for good jobs.
  • Invest $4.5 billion in clean energy infrastructure across America, alongside investments in climate science and resilience, accelerating advancing environmental justice, and doubling down on America’s global climate leadership
  • Provide a historic $16.5 billion for climate science and clean energy innovation.
  • Invest in new ways to out-compete China and deepen alliances and partnerships in the Indo-Pacific, including a new proposal to invest $6 billion to strengthen the U.S. role in the Indo-Pacific and advance the U.S. economy and promote integrated deterrence efforts.
  • Make government services more effective and accountable to all Americans, with more than $500 million to modernize services, reduce administrative burdens, pilot new online tools and technologies, and improve agency capacity to improve service delivery.

Extreme MAGA Republicans Slash Jobs, Undermine our Competitiveness

  • Ship manufacturing jobs overseas by repealing the Inflation Reduction Act and the new clean energy and manufacturing projects it created, which would kill the estimated 9 million jobs the law is expected to deliver over the next decade and move them overseas.

  • Take a sledgehammer to the federal budget, with far-reaching spending cuts that would eviscerate — or altogether eliminate — vital R&D, workforce and jobs training programs, and other initiatives to grow our economy and maintain our competitiveness, including:
    • The Small Business Administration, which helps support more than 650,000 jobs and provides other services to America’s 33 million small businesses.
    • The National Science Foundation, which helps keep the U.S. at the leading edge of discovery and supports 318,000 researchers, entrepreneurs, students and teachers.
    • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and Employment Services State Grants, which provide employment services and training to dislocated workers and others.
    • Registered Apprenticeships, which train future workforces in in-demand industries.
    • The Strengthening Community Colleges program, which collaborates with employers to help meet local and regional labor market needs for a skilled workforce.
  • Undermine America’s competitiveness by slashing programs that educate our next generation, including:
    • Funding for kids in public school, impacting millions of children throughout the nation.
    • Child Care and Development Block Grants, which provide affordable childcare to more than 1.4 million children on average each month
    • Head Start, which provides free preschool for more than 800,000 children.
    • Pell Grants, which help more than 6 million students afford college each year.
    • Funding for community colleges and tuition support for students
  • Deny 40 million Americans critical student debt relief by ending President Biden’s plan to forgive $10,000-$20,000 of student debt for low and middle-income Americans.