Democrats Make Our Communities Safer, Extreme MAGA Republicans Endanger our Communities

Mar 22, 2023

President Biden, Congressional Democrats Make Our Communities Safer & Stronger

  • Make our communities safer with robust investments in federal law enforcement, public safety, community violence interventions, and prevention to combat violent crime.
    • Funds 100,000 additional police officers, $19.4 billion for crime prevention strategies, $5 billion for community violence interventions, and $17.8 billion for DOJ law enforcement. This is alongside other investments to fight violent crime, combat gun violence, and implement the enhanced background checks required by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.
  • Make our justice system fairer and more effective with investments in workforce training, mental health, homelessness, juvenile diversion programs, the prosecution of hate crimes, enforcement of voting rights, and efforts to provide equitable access to justice.
  • Tackle the housing crisis by rehabilitating public housing nationwide and boosting affordable housing supply with new and expanded tax credits to support building or renovating affordable homes for homeownership and low-income renters.
    • For the first time, a voucher guarantee for youth aging out of foster care and extremely low-income veterans. These vouchers would serve over 200,000 additional households.
  • Reinvigorate communities and spur economic activity with increased investment in Economic Development Administration (EDA) programs and the Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund, which provides historically underserved and often low-income communities access to credit, capital, and financial support.
    • Funds the Community Development Block Grant program to help communities modernize infrastructure, invest in economic development, create parks and other public amenities, and provide social services.
  • Support our 33 million small businesses through historic lending levels for Small Business Administration loan programs of nearly $58 billion, supporting greater access to affordable capital, particularly in underserved communities.
  • Honor our commitment to Tribal Nations and Native communities with historic investments in the Indian Health Service, Tribal public safety, affordable housing, education, and more.

Extreme MAGA Republicans Endanger our Communities

  • Jeopardize Americans’ safety and security by defunding hundreds of local law enforcement positions, eliminating thousands of agents and other personnel at the DOJ and FBI who investigate crimes and keep guns out of the hands of felons and domestic abusers, and denying Customs and Border Protection the resources they need to secure our borders.
  • Threaten lives and livelihoods in communities across America by eviscerating vital programs with cuts of up to one hundred percent, including:
    • Defunding rail safety, air traffic control, food inspections, and other programs that protect American families
    • Paralyzing our ability to respond to disasters by cutting disaster relief and FEMA
    • Eliminating workforce development and job training programs
    • Slashing loans, grants, and other resources to support small businesses
    • Gutting economic development grants for rural communities
  • Exacerbate the housing crisis and increase mortgage rates by ending rental assistance for 10 million Americans, slashing funding for affordable housing, and eliminating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • Endanger our most vulnerable communities by slashing programs that prepare for climate-fueled hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters.
  • Kill jobs and threaten local economies by reversing the historic progress President Biden and Congressional Democrats have made to rebuild America’s aging infrastructure.