House Republicans' Default On America Act

House Republicans'

Default On America Act



Extreme MAGA Republicans are threatening to default on America's bills for the first time in history unless their demands are met.


House Republicans have issued a ransom note demanding cruel cuts that will hurt working Americans across the country and tank our economic recovery — all while lavishing a huge new giveaway on billionaires and big corporations.



Speaker McCarthy's extreme ransom note would:

Cut funding for schools and strip away access to child care.

Kick hundreds of thousands of families out of their homes.

Force communities to lay off thousands of first responders.

Rip food assistance from low-income parents and older Americans.

Make it easier for polluters to poison communities.

Give a huge windfall to billionaires and big corporations.

Result in 780,000 fewer jobs by the end of 2024.

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Data Provided By The Joint Economic CommitteeWhite House, the Center on Budget and Policy PrioritiesThird WayClimate Power, Veterans' Affairs Committee Democrats, and Moody's Analytics.



If extreme MAGA Republicans decide to default, the resulting economic calamity will cost everyday Americans dearly:

Millions of jobs will disappear.

The cost of car payments, student loans, credit card bills, and mortgages will all skyrocket.

Seniors on Social Security won’t get their checks.

People near retirement will lose tens of thousands in savings.

Veterans may stop receiving the benefits they have earned.

Our economy will be plunged into recession.